Hourcabie Uterine Manipulator

The instrument is designed for uterus manipulation. This handling allows to reach in complete safety the posterior cul-de-sac of Douglas and protects the surrounding vital organs (ureters, bladder, rectum…). Moreover, the particular shape of its bodies allows to avoid carbonic gas leakage, differentiating it from other uterine manipulators.

Surgical excision with cervix removal

  • Initially designed for complete hysterectomy, the Hystero-Swing® erfectly suits to this intervention and especially for difficult cases, like the cervix cancer.


Surgical excision with preservation of the cervix 

  • The use of the Hystero-Swing® widened to other interventions: supra-cervical hysterectomy, prolapsus, colpotomies, cervix cancers, endometriosis of the recto-vaginal wall…





The Hystero-swing® is intended to be general-purpose and can be adapted to the uterine anatomy. This is why, before any operation, it is necessary to make two measurements for an appropriate use.


  1. 1 / Selection of the body’s diameter
  2. 2 / Selection of the endo-uterine stem


See the slideshow to take the measurements
Mean values given as an indication



Laparoscopic total hysterectomy

For all the indications of total hysterectomy, and moreover for complicated cases:

-Douglas occlusions resulting of pelvi-peritonitis after-effects/sequelae,

-Cesarean section antecedents,

-Wertheim intervention.

The Hystero-swing® will enable a wide section of the utero sacral ligaments and will protect the vaginal barrel by grinding it, allowing best visualization of the vaginal flange if necessary.

Moreover, for the finalization of the section and hemostasis of the lateral cervical ligaments near the ureters (crucial and risky step), putting the dissector or scissors between the notches of the Hystero-swing® makes it possible to divide the vagina from the inside.

NOTES : In all cases, the instrument is assembled with cervical screw (Fig 6) except in case of cancer for which you must use a uterine cervix stop joint washer without cervocal screw (Fig 5) not to create histologicaldamages. When the cervix is gaping, we must use the cervical screw and the cervix stop joint washer (Fig 7) to avoid the risks of uterine perforation. It’s recommended to choose an adapted stem length to cavity measurement (see Table 1).


(Gynecological and digestive surgery)


Isolated rectoceles, complicated prolapsus with cystoceles, rectoceles and elytroceles.

The complete Hystero-swing® is assembled, without the cervical screw but with cervix washer

(Fig 5), to present the retro-uterine cup for the dissection of the peritoneum opening the levator ani


Moreover, pushing the Hystero-swing® unfolds the prolapsed vagina, which ensures an easy adjustment of the promonto-fixation strip.


Posterior extractive colpotomy

The complete Hystero-swing® is assembled without the cervical screw but with cervix washer (Fig 5). This configuration allows the presentation of the posterior vaginal wall, which authorizes the safe


Surgical treatment of the rectovaginal wall endometriosis

This surgery is ensured by the same way as previously described, by an easy dissection on the vaginal barrel which fits perfectly the Hystero-swing®. Please note that, in both cases, for the uterine conservation, the complete Hystero-swing® is assembled, without cervical screw, but with the cervix stop joint washer (Fig 5).


Sub-total hysterectomy

The Hystero-swing® is assembled without cervical screw and cervix washer (Fig 5). Don’t forget to withdraw Hystero-swing® before section with diathermy knife.


General recommendations for cleaning, decontamination and sterilization are listed in the instructions for use according to DGS/R13/2011/449. WARNINGS : Avoid prolonged contact such as electric and ultrasonic bistoury with the body of the uterine manipulator. Prolonged contact with bistoury can cause damage to the body.



1 / Selection of the body’s diameter

The selection of the body’s diameter depends on the vaginal gauge. This calibration is carried out with a speculum which allows to visualize the vaginal diameter and to deduce the use of one of the three available sizes (Ø32-36-40 mm).


2 / Selection of the endo-uterine stem

The selection of the stem length is made after having used a graduated hysterometer. Before introducing the endo-uterine stem, it is necessary to expand the uterus with a 6 mm Hegar’s bougie. To choose the length of the stem, use the table 1.

Table 1 : length calculation of the stem according to the hysterometry

NB: these values are significant but need to be adjusted according to the way of each user will carry out the hysterometries. The stem selection will be adjusted according to the experience of each one.

1 / Once these values are determined, we can assemble the suitable body by aligning the arrows (sealing washer optional) and assemble the prehension handle.

2 / The handling axis is inserted by the proximal side of the removable prehension handle.

3 / Then, the assembly of the cervix washer only or the cervical screw and cervix washer will be done according to the operation. Turn the cervical screw to assemble the main handling axis through the cervix washer.

4 / The assembly of the Hystero-swing® will be completed with the appropriate stem determined by the hysterometry.

5 / Before Hystero-swing® positionning, it is necessary to grease the body with sterile Vaseline® in order to avoid vaginal tissues drying during surgery. The fastening of the Hystero-swing® is made speculum and Pozzi clamp on the uterine cervix. The stem is inserted in the cervical canal while the speculum is shifted. The body of Hystero-swing® is then introduced after the withdrawal of the speculum.

Class I medical device


Complete uterine manipulator


Storage container and lid

CA 045-40-01

+CI 520-10-09
Third Arm and GEO-LOCK holder

Incontinence Correction

Ultralight / Light

SB3 / SB4


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